Maurice “Moe” Handel is running for re-election to the Select Board. We need his leadership on the Board. Borrowing from “Where’s Waldo?”, here are a few stories about Moe:

Where’s Moe? He’s giving a presentation on his laptop, to anyone who will view it, to show how the town could restore the big open space on the top floor of Town Hall, as part of the 2009-2010 renovation. When Moe started, his proposal was opposed by most of the Town’s top officials. He persuaded these officials and the Town Meeting that we could save the Great Hall, and now we all enjoy the fruits of his efforts.

Where’s Moe? It’s 8:00 a.m., and cold, and Moe’s at the corner of Kendrick and Hunting, viewing the traffic and meeting with two opponents of the Planning Board’s proposal to re-zone the New England Business Center. When Moe gets involved, he doesn’t just talk with people who agree with him, he seeks out people whose views differ, so he can learn and come up with a better solution. The re-zoning effort has revitalized the NEBC, which now generates significant tax revenue for the Town.

Where’s Moe? He’s at Claxton Field, working with the Exchange Club to install new play equipment at the tot lot.

Where’s Moe? He’s presiding over one of dozens of meetings, as Chairman of the Select Board, President of the Exchange Club, Vice President of the Needham Heights Neighborhood Association, or President of the Needham History Center and Museum.

Where’s Moe? He’s on Central Avenue, supervising the move of the town’s historic red schoolhouse to the front lawn of the Newman School, where it serves as the current home of the Needham History Center and Museum. Moe was President of the History Center, and made this move happen, down to working with NSTAR to make sure the schoolhouse didn’t get tangled in any overhead electrical lines.

Where’s Moe? He’s in our garage, with his tool kit, helping Bob to fix his bike. In addition to his other qualities, Moe knows how to fix things.

Where should you be? Like us, in the voting booth, casting your ballot for Moe Handel on April 13th.

Bob and Susie Smart

Bob and Susie Smart – Where’s Moe?