An Excellent Foe in Moe

In 2018, I ran for a seat on the Select Board against Moe Handel. I lost. This election, I’m giving him one of my votes for Select Board. Moe has gotten a lot done in his tenure on the Board – from Powers Hall, to the Center at the Heights. That track record is plenty reason to vote for Moe again, but more than his accomplishments, I am voting for Moe because of his character.
You can learn a lot from how someone wins. On Moe’s path to victory in our race, he helped me learn about Needham politics and campaigning. When he realized I hadn’t organized volunteers to pass along vote tallies as they came in on election night – he shared his data with me. A few weeks after the election, Moe came to my home for dinner with my family, and even tried his hand at Mario Kart afterward. He has since extended invitations to other parts of Needham life he is a part of.

In 2018, I ran against Moe Handel and lost. In 2021, I’m voting for him. I’m voting for Moe because he is a dedicated public official who will continue to do right by our town. I’m also voting for him because he’s a good guy.

– Byron Doerfer

Byron Doerfer – An Excellent Foe in Moe